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Our family wine

Kratochvile Grand Cuvée de Bohemia Winery Kratochvíl & Bílík
The elegance of Pinot noir, enriched by the traditional varieties of the Bohemian wine region aged in oak wood
Ruby colour, the scent of cherries and chocolate, fine seasoning, rounded with the final taste of sweet wood

679 Kč

White wine

Sauvignon Late Harvest Winery Hrabal
Light fresh wine with intensive floral bouqet and balanced acids
Colour with touch of green, scent of lilac in blossom, taste of overripe gooseberries

465 Kč

Czech Slovak MM Late Harvest Winery Trusina & Krajčírovič
Wine with typical floridness, produced in cooperation with our friends in the Small-Carpathian subregion
Colour with touch of silver, scent of a garden in blossom and meadow honey, taste of elderberry and black currant

479 Kč

Sylvánské zelené Late Harvest Winery Turek & Šiška
Brilliant balanced wine with fresh limestone minerality and characteristic herbal tones
Light green colour with reflections of gold, scent of freshly cut grass, taste of citrus and linden honey

539 Kč

Ryzlink Rýnský Late Harvest Winery Aurora
Unmistakable personality of good ripe Riesling with intensive paraffin tones and higher acid
Sedimented greenish colour, paraffin and jasmine oil scent, strong taste of citrus peel and roasted grapefruit

569 Kč

Grei Autentist Cuvée Winery Pod Chlumem
Atypical winning skills of avant-garde wine lying on soft sediments with touch of intentional oxidation
Intense amber colour, scent with herbal seasoning of dusted tea, taste of black honey and raisins with bread touch

575 Kč

Rulandské šedé Late Harvest Winery Mikrosvín
Precise wine with character of best Pálava locations with long flavours and harmonic umami finish
Honey colour, scent of meadow flowers and linden tree in blossom, taste of ripe butter pear enlarged
with extraordinary touch of minerality

635 Kč

Pinot Trinity Special Late Harvest Monastery Rajhrad
Sur-lie from the Pinot family with predominant character of Barrique Chardonnay with strong raisin peel texture
Colour with golden reflections, scent of vanilla and roasted toast with touch of bread, taste of roasted orange fruits

685 Kč

Pálava Special Late Harvest Limited edition Winery Pomfy
Unmistakable floridness of floral character coated with elegant dry expression with long-lasting juicy flavor
Golden ripe colour, scent of meadow flowers and violets with soft seasoning, taste of linden honey
with touch of vanilla and rose oil

839 Kč

Ryzlink Rýnský Special Late Harvest Reserva Winery Johann W
the most elegant variety with unmistakable roughness of the Bohemia terroir, the most invested winery of Czech Republic
rich straw color, aroma of petrol, liquorice and meadow honey, long-lasting aftertaste with tones of sweet wood and citrus

1135 Kč

Straw wine

Sauvignon šedý Dried grapes Winery Balíček
Exclusive edition in the amount of several hundreds of bottles only, providing an unrepeatable gourmet experience
Forest honey colour, scent of dried raisins and candied mirabelles, taste of baked apricot cake

1235 Kč

Sparkling wine

Muškát Moravský Prosecco Winery Malé Divy
Favourite charmant method providing the wine with touch of freshness and sparkling pearls with strong floridness
Light greenish colour, scent of mowed meadow with muscat flowers, juicy taste of green apple and rose oil

589 Kč

Pinot noir Blanc de noir Winery Lobkowicz
Characteristic Champagne method with cream bread touch and soft minerality of  Mělník region
Colour with brick tones, scent of ripe cherries with red seasoning, taste of butter crumble with salty caramel

735 Kč

Ryzlink Cuvée Brut Winery Hrabal
Distinctive Champagne method with figure bread touch and long fresh closing of Riesling Rýnský
Colour with honey reflections, scent of citrus with tones of linden, taste of ripe gooseberries and grapefruit

849 Kč

Chardonnay Zlatý Dominik Limited Winery Kutná Hora
Three-years Champagne method with Bio certification Demeter in the limited editions of 200 bottles yearly and 24-carat gold
Intense yellow colour with pieces of gold, scent of overripe peaches with bisquit tones, full taste with almond touch

2380 Kč

Orange wine

Tramín červený Orange Winery Kutná hora
Avant-garde orange version with bio Certification Demeter and extreme taste structure of unfiltered wine
Jasper colour, scent of orange peel and dried rosehip, taste of red oranges with granite minerality touch

625 Kč

Rosé wine

Svatovavřinecké Late harvest Winery Hrabal
Delicious rosé with harmonic fruitness of overripe forest fruits and soft round acid
Dark rosé colour, scent of forest strawberries and raspberries, taste of farmer´s yoghurt with red berries

469 Kč

Pinot noir Klaret Bio Winery Kutná Hora
Elegant claret of the most famous regional sort, produced in spontaneous fermentation of natural yeast
Sedimented salmon colour, strong scent of volcanic minerality, taste with strong texture of grape peel

589 Kč

Red wine

Neronet Kabinet Winery Hrabal
National cultivation of prof. Kraus, the most important Czech wine producer, awarded with merit medal
dark ruby colour, scent of animal character with tones of tobacco and leather, taste of plums, berries and pepper

569 Kč

Modrý Býk Late harvest Winery Lobkowicz
Blue Portugal grape of three Mělník traces, completed on barrique barrel to express the unique terroir character
Sedimented Bordeaux colour, earthy scent of rocky bedrocks, taste of ripe red currant with strong wooden scent

589 Kč

Frankovka Barrique Late harvest Winery Hrabal
The Moravian classics, produced on Velkobílovíce loess hills, grounded for 18 months on white oak tree wood
Sparkling ruby colour, scent of blackberry jam with seasoning of roasted almonds, round taste with tannin

659 Kč

Frankovka Late harvest Monastery winery Rajhrad
Frankovka from Kounice in its purest form with strong emphasis on the variety aged in historical barrels
Jasper colour, scent of orange peel and dried rosehips, taste of red oranges with lime stone minerality

725 Kč

Pinot Noir Demeter Selected grapes Winery Kutná Hora
Biodynamic, spontaneously fermented burgundy in its most typical presentation, aged for 28 months on white oak
Sedimented brick colour, scent of ripe cherries with almonds in chocolate, aftertaste of strong minerality and texture

839 Kč

N.E.R. Coteaux Peluic Grand wine
Archive family reserve of the most famous region created by blending of three national varieties in Velké Pavlovice
Dark Bordeaux colour, animal bouquet with scent of black pepper and sweet wood, robust taste of black fruits

935 Kč

Dunaj Grand Reserva Selected grapes Winery Rariga
Special grape selection of the best Slovak origin from the reductive biodynamic harvest aged for 26 months
dark red turning to ruby colour, scent of white oak and chocolate , taste of forest berries and gentle spices

1149 Kč

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